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FPSC Classic Product Chat / FPSC Pricing

Anime civil
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Joined: 15th Dec 2003
Location: Europe as of 2006
Posted: 31st Jan 2005 02:06
Quote: " Why is the price 49.99 and not 50?
I dont think it is expensive or anything
i youst wonder. Are you trying to make
it look less expensive?"

It is a trick everyone uses.

When someone says 49.99, you ar emore likely to think it is 40 bucks, instead of 50, and therefore if someone says, "Hey, this is only 49.99"
You will be mor elikely to want to pruchase it, then if it is 50. This is a submliminal message used for some time now, and it works without you realising this.

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Joined: 5th Jan 2005
Posted: 31st Jan 2005 02:22 Edited at: 31st Jan 2005 02:23
I realise that. I just wanted them to admit it to our face.

Edit: thanks for explaining it thou.

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