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DLL Talk / Oi, I cannot figure out something as simple as sliding down the face of a platform!!!! -NGC-

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Joined: 1st Sep 2004
Posted: 18th Nov 2004 19:26 Edited at: 18th Nov 2004 19:31
Well, I have my 3d platformer code goin pretty well, but I've been working for 2 and a half weeks on just this problem and I can't solve it no matter how many things I try. I have one object, a tall platform, that I want my main object to collide with and slide down as if its being pulled by normal gravity. But because of the way NGC handles sliding collision, when it collides it gets pushed back very minutely, but that means for one or two cycles the main object is not colliding with anything. This resets my gravity=gravity-0.3 variable over and over, so gravity only ever equals 0.3. Is there any way that I could make gravity carry over so no matter if its colliding or not colliding it will always be adding up?


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Posted: 18th Nov 2004 19:46
Could it be that you are only checking one collision? CountCollisionsPro could be returning a value > 1, and you are basing all of your calculations on just the first one.

For example, you may be colliding with both the level platform, and your slope. But you are only dealing with the level platform.

You could check this by displaying the value of CountCollisionsPro()

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