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Joined: 23rd Nov 2004
Posted: 24th Nov 2004 00:34
I have just had a look at some of the screen shots and can I say how fantastic the Sci-Fi artwork is. The artist must be really happy with the results!

Ali M Oldboy
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Joined: 6th Nov 2004
Location: England, UK
Posted: 11th Dec 2004 16:33
Yeah same,

The graphics are excellent, this has got to be the perfect partner for game creators!

You can import your own textures, models and guns.
And also you have a menu system

Oh and BTW - Can your import like your own music MP3s instead of listening to other level music? And plus, can you make options for the game and in those options, can you make a playlist of your own personal MP3s?

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David T
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: England
Posted: 11th Dec 2004 18:04
The guns have no hands though

Apparently that's because you can play as many different characters with different types of skin - so I say - give them gloves

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Joined: 16th Nov 2004
Location: Liverpool
Posted: 12th Dec 2004 07:16
or just write the story around people who have no hands, like lepers.

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