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DLL Talk / Blue Gui problem with variables

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Joined: 24th Mar 2004
Posted: 30th Nov 2004 09:34
I dont know how to assosiate a variable in the text of the gadgets.To be clearer with you I cant figure out how to write a variable to the editboxes, labels or whatever.

If you could please help me or have any advice then dont be shy.

King programer
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Joined: 8th May 2004
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Posted: 30th Nov 2004 09:55 Edited at: 30th Nov 2004 09:59
Here variable a=20 and is sent to the editbox.
Same thing with a label. To get value do getgadgettext
as in the last line -JerBil


setgadgettext edBox,str$(a)

setgadgettext lbBox,str$(a)

c=val(getgadgettext (edBox))
Rob K
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Posted: 1st Dec 2004 16:50
For a string variable:

myVar$="Test String"
setGadgetText gadgetHandle,myVar$

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