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3 Dimensional Chat / why can I only texture some models

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Joined: 9th Jan 2003
Posted: 10th Jan 2003 00:18
I purchased darkbasic and it came with many sample models - one was an airplane (airpl017.x) - i try to texture it in darkbasic - but it wont texture - I load the ramp.x model from the jetski sample and i can texture that model fine.

Somthing tells me its the mipmap data or uv data? Is there some internal data stored with the model.x file (UV data?) that prevents texturing?

Any ideas why some models cant be textured using the texture object command?

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Joined: 30th Dec 2002
Posted: 13th Jan 2003 06:16
ok when you texture the model does it just change color and thats it.. if it does then ya the UV maps are screwed up.. load the file into UV mapper.. its a pretty cool program you can find by searching on google or something. it will tell you if there is any UV map data.. if not you can make a new UV map.. best to use planar or box.. then just save it and like load it up in 3dsmax or something to better edit the UVW's

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