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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Weapon questions for Richard Davey

Cloud of Crows Studios
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Joined: 22nd Nov 2004
Posted: 6th Dec 2004 14:38
Mods feel free to chime in, but this series of questions is directed completely at Richard (in the hopes that he'll be willing to take a few minutes to let loose a few more secrets from his secret bag )

How easy will it be to implement custom weapons in FPSC? Specifically will there be any kind of built in editor to use for importing, positioning, & texturing models of the correct (.x) format?

As you know each successive FPS game that comes out tries to "up the ante" not just in graphics, but in it's range of exotic and unique weapons for players to use mercilessly on poor unsuspecting monsters.

Will FPSC have out-of-the-box (no scripting necessary) support for any of the following "gamer expected" weapons/effects:

1) Flashlight - toggled on/off ala Half-Life. with or without battery
2) Torches or flare guns - basically light emitting ammunition
3) Weapons that deal different damage at short ranges - shotguns, flamethrowers
4) Grappling hooks/Tractor beams
5) Lasers or other "beam" style weapon discharges
6) Alternate fire modes by using RMB/LMB or other key combos
7) Grenades - bouncing, rolling, and/or pitched physics.
8) Weapons whose rounds emit smoke - smoke grenades
9) Proximity explosives - mines, laser trip wires, etc.
10) Remote detonated explosives - satchel charges
11) Visual enhancements - light vision, infrared, predator ultraviolet, etc.
12) Multiple weapons bound to the same key - press 1 for 9mm pistol, press 1 again for .44 revolver, etc.
13) Customizable round display PER WEAPON so that M16's show a numeric counter and say plasma rifles show a decreasing bar... while weapons with infinite ammo show nothing

Will the enemy AI have any capacity to deal with dodging or fleeing from rockets, missiles or grenades?

Also I'm fairly certain that in one of your design diaries you wrote that scopes were designed with typical mousewheel zoom support. Will the "mask" for sniper scopes be adjustable to different sizes, shapes, etc. By mask I mean the blacked out area of the screen which is not the crosshairs of the scope.

Finally, we already know that melee weapons are not on the current agenda, but with the many questions poised about them is TGC considering drafting the weapon system so that we can kludge something in? i.e. very short range weapons with infinite ammo. I fully realize that this is more for players and that the AI has no scripting or animations (yet) for melee attacks.

Let me add that I think it's a really really good idea for TGC to consider this area carefully as it has become an FPS staple from the very first shooting games ever created. From Wolfenstein 3D's combat knife to Doom's chainsaw to the bayonets of WWII and the Machete's of Vietnam there always seems to be a hand held melee weapon of some kind in FPS. Other useful examples include crowbars, pipe wrenches, zombies, dogs, ninjas, and all manner of shambling bull/crab/squid headed creatures from other dimensions! There are tons of good reasons to have melee combat... even faked melee combat in a game

Thank you so much for your time and hard work! That goes for the entire crew at TGC!! As you can tell we are all anxiously awaiting the release of FPSC and hope it will be the next great thing in gamemaking software.

Jeff V.
Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
Location: Sunnyvale
Posted: 6th Dec 2004 19:04
I'm thinking that there'll be a lot of possibilities like melee weapons using the script system, but I'd be surprised if you could'nt cheat. For one thing, using your own animated weapon model will be possible, as well as easily changing how your bullet works - you could even script the melee attack, like I imagine guaging how close an enemy is to the player will be quite straightforward.

I think lasers should already be considered - and from what I've gathered, most of your points will be doable with the script system. I think we'll see a lot of competitiveness, which is good because there'll be little races, like first to add a melee attack to a weapon, or first NPC script - stuff like that. Really DBPro users tend to share a lot more, I can see FPSC users keeping their little tricks and secrets to themselves .


It's c**p being the only coder in the village.
Cloud of Crows Studios
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Joined: 22nd Nov 2004
Posted: 20th Dec 2004 23:40

Now that we are getting closer to the release and Lee has done more weapons work could Richard or someone answer any of these please?

Thanks very much!
Rob K
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 10th Sep 2002
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Posted: 21st Dec 2004 08:45
Judging by Lee's diary the answer to most of those questions will be No for the Early Adopter release. The changes to the arsenal between the online release and the full boxed release later in the year will partly depend on user feedback.

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