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FPSC Classic Product Chat / FP not FPS question

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Joined: 13th Sep 2002
Posted: 7th Dec 2004 06:51
Is it possible to create a 3d world with sound and perhaps text posts like wall notes or something, without any enemies or shooting and just have an exploration mode for non-gaming training needs?



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Joined: 5th Mar 2004
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Posted: 7th Dec 2004 11:08
Well - I would imagine so. Of course you would be limited to the themes that comes with the program (or make your own textures). All you would do is, for no guns or enemies, simply not put any in. For text posts - I'm guessing (or hoping, anyway) that they would be easily made either through a proper menu (as an entity or trigger zone) or just through scripting it.

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Posted: 8th Dec 2004 07:03
Yes. You would avoid placing any enemy entities, and just use wall-type entities instead.

You would have to set up and texture the wall entities yourself though.

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