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Cloud of Crows Studios
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Joined: 22nd Nov 2004
Posted: 12th Dec 2004 00:53
Lee has stated before that you will be able to apply FX files to entities to alter the way they behave (for example being underwater)

Are "FX Files" common to any existing FPS game (Like Unreal, FarCry, etc.)? If so do you suppose we will be able to "drop them in" to boost the flexibility of FPSC... Lee kind of eludes that this is the case, but I'm wondering if these are a proprietary idea or format that TGC has come up with for FPSC or if they already appear in modern games.

Shadow Robert
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Posted: 12th Dec 2004 01:16
I doubt you can simply 'drag'n'drop' them for access.
FarCry, Half-Life 2, etc.. use Shaders with a given set of Semantics, something which annoyingly DBP does not follow.

Microsoft recently released a new set DirectX Semantics, for DirectX9.0c October. If DBP can be made compatible with these, then drag'n'drop use should become easier.

Another thing to note is how shaders are handled. Currently DBP has trouble with Functions, Arrays, etc.. declared and used with-n the shaders, not to mention the lack of Render Targets does prove a challenge that must be corrected by hand. (something you won't be able to in FPSC)

The best option for users would be if TGC created a Matrial Shader System similar to what Half-Life 2 uses.
No real need for 3rd party Shaders except with new 'effects', and much simpler development for artists and non-shader savvy people.

Also a selection of 'generic' shaders:
Field of Depth
Bloom (Light Accentuation)
Volumetric Particles

would provide a much better overview, especially if the Materials were composed of..
- Diffuse
- Specular
- Bump / Normal
- Reflection
- Refraction

It might take TGC a little work to create it, but it would save everyone developing with them ALOT of time and effort.

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