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DLL Talk / Internet DLL?

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Joined: 17th Dec 2004
Posted: 17th Dec 2004 08:43
I need help! I am having trouble with online multiplayer games and I need to know if anyone or anyplace has a dll for internet connections. A friend of mine and I are trying to create a game capable of being played online with other things running like an internet browser or an instant messenger, but the only way to connect with DarkBASIC(that I know of) is to start offline and log on with the codes already built into darkbasic. I want to be able to play with the internet already connected. If anyone can help, please let me know! I really need it! Thanks in advance for any advice or comments.

Also, I'm kinda new here and if this question has already been answered somewhere else, it would help me out if someone would point it out to me.

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Posted: 17th Dec 2004 11:49
search the forums for Winsock and TCP

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