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3 Dimensional Chat / quark and type of bsp to load into DBP

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Joined: 27th Dec 2002
Location: Portugal
Posted: 12th Jan 2003 06:41
Ok.. bsp files from mohaa its impossible to load into DBP. now.. is half life the only bsp files that work with DBP? I say this because I dont have half life instaled. But have quake 3, mohaa, and heavhy metal FAKK 2. mohaa is impossibel but any one knows if the other to games are bsp ready to load in DBP?
Its sad because I habe great bsp maps made for mohaa that would be wonderfull to use in DBP.. I am starting to thing that my money in DBP where very bad spent..

Thanks in advance for replys
Shadow Robert
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 12th Jan 2003 07:19

Any BSP formats BASED upon these using versions 38-56 should all work ... however i've not been able to test any except Half-Life Standard format so far because i've not had the time.

Anata aru kowagaru no watashi!

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