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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Exact Animation Sequences for Models for FPS Creator

Rich Brockway
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Joined: 2nd Jul 2003
Posted: 30th Dec 2004 21:42

I am aware TGC are using DarkBasic Pro to create FPS Creator. So, one would assume the model format required would be .X. What I’m wondering is exactly what animation sequences are required for using a model in FPS Creator? I am aware you can probably program your own animation sequences in a script. However, I’m looking to use the “stock” animation sequences already created. Are they basing these animation sequences on the DarkMatter collection? My reason for asking this is I have several models with initial animation sequences. I want to have these properly animated so when the FPS Creator is released, I have the models completed.

I would greatly appreciate a response from TGC staff or FPS Creator testers.



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