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DLL Talk / PureBasic Multiplayer .dll

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Posted: 5th Jan 2005 01:58
I am planning to write a .dll (as well as a supporting server application (although if I get round to it you will able to create your own)) in PureBasic.

I would like to make this avaliable to as many lanugages and Game Creators as I can. I have two questions:

1) Are there any features you would particulary like to see?

2) I saw the tutorial on PureBasic .dll's in the Newsletter, I am about to read over it now but I'm sure it mentioned something about strings being handled differently in PB. Will this cause a problem?

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Posted: 6th Jan 2005 03:30
string are handled in the same way but, in fact when you passs string from dbpro to purebasic, you'll receive the memory pointer for the string . so under purebasic you'll have simply to read your string using a PeekS( *pointer ) ...
When you want to send a string from purebasic to dbpro, you must send the pointer to the string .... it's the same thing but reversed

I think it shouldn't cause problems ...

if you need more details, contact me on msn

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