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Dark GDK / Using main() with DarkSDK() programs and A WRapper Library for Dark SDK

Dark Intruder
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Joined: 6th Jan 2005
Posted: 7th Jan 2005 05:38
Hi All,

If any of you wish to use main() with DarkSDK programs you cna use the following code snippet

this code is a part of a OO wrapper library i am working on for DarkSDK .. It supports automatic reference counted smart pointers so that you do not have to delete any pointer allocated by new.

Also I have added a few handy classes like an Automatic ID generator which generates integer ids and keeps track of which ones have been released and reuses them

hope to share the code with the community soon...

In Order To Understand Recursion One Must First Understand Recursion
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Posted: 13th Jan 2005 05:30
loking good, i shall try it when i have my laptop set up and working :d

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I'm sure you will

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