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3 Dimensional Chat / help with 3d maps and models

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Joined: 12th Jan 2003
Posted: 15th Jan 2003 11:16
first up i loaded a bsp made in worldcraft and it worked, but it was not textured, how can i fix this

seccond i loaded a halflife mdl and could not animate it, hepl needed

and finaly im not to sute how to get the model to interact with the bsp, basically i need the model to use the bsp, like use ramps etc.
please help
Shadow Robert
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 15th Jan 2003 12:43
far more questions than you relise there...
be sure you've run throught the full tutorial that comes with Pro

BSP's from worldcraft require the .wad files in the same directory ... the MDLs are weird, and i got them animating but that was 3months or so back and i can't remember now - so erm i guess i could look into it again.
last one just use the BSP Collision, but you need to see and example of it in use and right now i don't have the time or patience to spare to show you in any sort of understandable way.
Check the help and demos in Pro

Anata aru kowagaru no watashi!

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