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Dark GDK / Inquiring minds want to know... or do they?

Mr Snuggles
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Joined: 7th Dec 2004
Posted: 7th Jan 2005 12:31
Can other c++ libraries be used in conjunction with the DGSDK? Say, for example, I wanted to create a game and then plug in a multiplayer networking class library. Is that allowed/doable, and if so, is it relatively easy or are there a billion hoops to jump through to accomplish it?

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Mike Johnson
TGC Developer
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Joined: 13th Sep 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 7th Jan 2005 16:18
It will be possible to use certain kinds of libraries with the DGSDK. As long as the libraries don't interfere with rendering it should be fairly straight forward to implement. Something like a multiplayer library could slot right into a project with the DGSDK.

Dark Intruder
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Joined: 6th Jan 2005
Posted: 7th Jan 2005 22:51
Few things to keep in mind when using libs with DarkSDK...

darkSDK already contains a WinMain() so any other lib containing a WinMain might give you linking errors... e.g. SDL

progs using darkSDK are set up as SingleThreaded CRT Project if any of your libraries have Multithreaded or Multithreaded DLL settings you might get linker errors.

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