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Work in Progress / Imhotep3D beta 1.0

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Joined: 2nd Jan 2003
Location: France
Posted: 16th Jan 2003 13:40
the first version of Imhotep3D is ready
download setup.exe
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Joined: 13th Sep 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 16th Jan 2003 18:52
wont download...

Once you start down the Dark Path, forever will it dominate your destiny...
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Joined: 14th Jan 2003
Location: Germany
Posted: 16th Jan 2003 20:50
You have to change the URL from:


Seems to be really powerful, but I don't understand much of modeling apps. I am more the programmer type

You should lower the compression rate of the images used for the menu. If you use JPGs, try using 85 % quality.

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