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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Enemy draw limit

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Joined: 23rd Oct 2004
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Posted: 25th Jan 2005 01:50
How many enimies could be renderd on screen at any one time? The limit is of course when the framrate starts to suffer.

I understand it also depends on what other objects need to be rendered in the scene as well, as well as things like effects, what weapons the enimies have an so on. I'd just like a general figure.

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Joined: 22nd Feb 2003
Posted: 25th Jan 2005 01:52
This would greatly depend of the spec of your PC

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Rob K
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Posted: 25th Jan 2005 03:06
The enemy thinking time will be the limiting factor. Perhaps 10 in a room on an average PC. It depends on how far the enemies are from the player.

If the enemies were all static (ie. non-thinking, non-moving), then you could happily place 50 or 100 in a room.

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Joined: 30th Nov 2004
Posted: 25th Jan 2005 04:38 Edited at: 25th Jan 2005 04:40
Can there be an infinite spawn point?

This would be a minigame thing. There's a door in front of you. There's a [1|small table] behind you. On it is three weapons: rocket launcher, pistol, machine gun. [2|The pistol has infinite ammo]. [3|The others don't.] [4|Then, from the door, comes six enemies of random types.] Another [5|random enemy type comes for each original enemy you kill. (from the spawn point)] That way, you have infinite enemies coming at you. [6|It also keeps your score and saves it in a high score table if it's a high score.]

There. A semidetailed minigame. The numbers mean, is this possible? If someone could answer those, thanks. I'll put them in a list below with a bit more detail.

The numbers correspond to the numbers in the paragraph.

1| small table (I could import my own, but is it included as well as the large one in the media?)

2| weapons with infinite ammo.

3| sorry I know you can do this! I didn't realize that when I was typing and I didn't feel like changing all the numbers !

4| spawning more than one enemie of DIFFERENT TYPES from the same spawn point

5| Another enemie (of random type) being spawned after killing one (one kill makes one enemy)

6| High score table (with multiple slots) or "this computers highest score" where it only shows one. If you can do the one with multiple slots, can you have it as OPTIONAL to put your score into it, like you need to press a button located at the Game Over screen?


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