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Joined: 16th Jan 2005
Location: Raddix Studio
Posted: 2nd Feb 2005 11:08
I know! I haven't been told by anyone I know at least. Muchitsujo! Do you speak and write in Japanese! (I do, just asking)

Don't F**king cuss!
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Joined: 25th Jan 2005
Location: Hollowed-Out Volcano Lair
Posted: 2nd Feb 2005 11:32
Watashi wa nihongo o hanashimasu.

Sorry for the roomaji, but I don't want to switch my characters over to Japanese. I can only speak a little Japanese.

Now is the winter of your discontent.
-Stewie from Family Guy
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Joined: 1st Jan 2003
Posted: 2nd Feb 2005 15:35
As of yet I have been unable to take any classes on the subject, so what little I do know is all self taught. I was looking into taking some side courses at the local community college but Japanese is only being given during more important classes at my real school, which are slightly more important to me. Someday I hope. I know enough that I can get the gist of Ominous' sentace but the literal meaning of the last word escapes me.

Anyway, perhaps Rich will come back now that the flamefest is over and give us an answer. Please?

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