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FPSC Classic Product Chat / adding textures

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Joined: 27th Jan 2005
Posted: 4th Feb 2005 12:43
first i am not very femilar with game design (at all) i have a bit very little tiny spech of knowledge of dbc and i was wonder is a tecture a bitmap that you put on something like if I mad a bitmap of a floor could i apply it in the game?? and how do i make my own bitmaps.


Mr Flowerkohl
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Joined: 19th Jan 2005
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Posted: 4th Feb 2005 15:23
uhmmm... "bitmap" is a file format from microsoft.
you can make textures from whatever you like. just walk around with a digital camera and make some fotos. And yes , you are able to put them in your game. as floors , ceilings , walls ,...whatever you need them for.

yeah...thats the ticket !
David T
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
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Posted: 4th Feb 2005 17:28
Quote: "uhmmm... "bitmap" is a file format from microsoft."

It's also a texture format DBPro supports.

DBPro supports png, bmp, jpg and dds textures. I think the included models use dds textures, so if you wanted to retexture osmething by just renaming a texture to the same name as teh original you'd need a DDS file. However I *think* its possible to rextuer an object with any texture.

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