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FPSC Classic Scripts / Scripting Questions (and suggestions)

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Joined: 22nd Nov 2004
Posted: 20th Feb 2005 10:24
This was posted to the main forum before the split. It seems more appropriate here especially now that people are getting deeper into scripting (oh and yes it's a carefully disguised *bump* as well )

Quote: "RANDOM=X : is true when a random value between 0 and X is equal to one"

If my brain is grasping this correctly then setting RANDOM=1 has a 50% chance of being true and RANDOM=2 has a 33% chance... is this correct? If so may I suggest a change or additional condition:

RANDOMPERCENT=X : where X is a value between 1 and 99 and represents the percentage chance that the condition is true.
(or 0 and 100 but we already have never and always)

This allows fine tuning (i.e. 75% chance, 40% chance, etc.) and better than 50% odds


Is this the player health or the entity that is using the script?

Quote: "PLHASKEY=X : is true when the player has pressed the key denoted by the value of x"

Is this referring to keys for doors not keyboard keys. Confused by the press part in the description.


Sorry to be dense. What is raycasting in FPSC.

Quote: "IFPLRTRAIL=X : is true when there is a trail left by the player in existance"

How does a player leave a trail?

Quote: "RUNDECAL=X : create a decal from the entity, x being a specific mode 1-6"

What are the different modes 1-6?

Whew! Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any answers

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