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FPSC Classic Scripts / plz make the scripts

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Joined: 27th Jan 2005
Posted: 25th Feb 2005 09:32
could someone plz make a ai script where the ai does not run at u until u are farther away becuase i am like 5 feet away from a guy and he still runns at me i think it should be more like 10ft or sometihing they run to u when they are close enough


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Joined: 9th Sep 2002
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Posted: 28th Feb 2005 22:42
If I am reading you right, a script in the script bank called Chase and shoot will allow your enemy to detect you from afar, only thing that I noticed is when I set up two ajoining rooms my entity detected me in the other room and try to run through the wall, when I entered the room it was just stuck there trying to get through the wall and took no notice of me.

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