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FPSC Classic Scripts / Questions From the New Guy

Beginners Luck
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Joined: 10th Mar 2005
Location: Camp Pendleton Ca
Posted: 10th Mar 2005 12:46
I have a few questions reguarding FPSCreator. I have searched the threads over and over as well as I could with dial up connection. If anyone can answer them it would be greatly appreciated. Im new to this program, so if you can try to, explain things simple, thanks.

1) Can I Import from DarkMATTER, and use them in this program?

2) How do I put objectives into a game? Such as , the objective would be to, "find 10 gold pieces to have access through a door leading to the next level"?

3) Do certain doors use certain keys? Cause I have put a key in the start off point for my character to unlock the door, but it dosent seem to work.

4) What is the best way to add some sort of story line? I have heard many using text as a way. But how would you add it? Also can I put any animations or movies, such as cut scenes at certain points of the game?

5) For some odd reason, some of the doors will not open, I have tried to put in doors, but all it does it put the image in the game, or when i go to open the door, all i get is solid wall when it opens.

6) Last but not least. Is there a way to have a "boss" character in a certain room, when you beat him, you progress to the next level? And how would I add my voice or others voices to the game at certain points to maybe tell the story?

Any help I can get is greatly appreciated. Im propably one of the biggest beginners here, but one of the most eager to learn. I appreciate all your help! Thanks, and GOD bless. Semper Fidelis.

100% non-programmer, 100% eager to learn.
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Joined: 1st Mar 2005
Location: Hell
Posted: 11th Mar 2005 06:26
yes, hard to explain
i dont know
yes, right click on the door that ends with key and name if used to key1, then right click the key and name it key1. got it?
i dont know
bug, wait till it's fixed
yes, right click on the boss and raise his health from there.
Clark M
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Joined: 11th Mar 2005
Posted: 11th Mar 2005 16:03
How do you make the enemies attack faster and from far away?

Acolyte Entertainment
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Joined: 28th Dec 2004
Location: Oregon, US
Posted: 14th Mar 2005 08:48
@beginner luck
If some of the doors dont open make sure their names arn't

_____(fake) but if it isn't named ________(fake) then move your mouse over the object. If a green circle goes around it then it is a bug but if a red circle goes around it then right click on the door and go to the very top of the options and select NO for static. And if that doesent work then it is a bug

good luck,
-smart guy

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