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FPSC Classic Scripts / I need some help understanding the script

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Joined: 22nd Feb 2005
Posted: 15th Mar 2005 01:39 Edited at: 15th Mar 2005 02:00
what does the X mean when you are using it in a state=x or any condition word. Also does the X condition have to be equal to the action value or what ? Here is a Ex: I wanted to have my charactor crouched Idle only. So I setup my script like this

desc = crouched Idle



;End script

And it did not work what did I do wrong here?
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Joined: 6th Jul 2004
Posted: 15th Mar 2005 04:59
I just tried it, and it works for me. Make sure you have selected the script in the main section under AI Properties, not in the appear section.
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Posted: 15th Mar 2005 08:26
i dont have fpsc yet, but how do the scripts work?

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