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FPSC Classic Scripts / Deleting Objects?

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Joined: 10th Mar 2005
Location: Camp Pendleton Ca
Posted: 21st Mar 2005 15:03
This will conclude my 2 dumb questions per night! This is #2. I was just using FPS Creator, all was going well, then all of a sudden, I go into a room, and door was chillen like it owned the place. In the middle of the room to be exact..And it wont let me delete it. Is this a bug, or is there a way to delete single items. I tried to click on it and just delete it.Then i tried to pick a whole mess load of an area, and delete it..Please help! Im going to bed ! Thanks
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Glenn Carter
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Joined: 20th Mar 2005
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 21st Mar 2005 17:50
If the door is an entity - left click on it and press the DELETE key on your keyboard.

If the door is a segment, select it from your segment list then right click on it.

Glenn Carter
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Joined: 28th Oct 2004
Posted: 21st Mar 2005 18:16
Try right-clicking the door and see if that'll work

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Joined: 25th Feb 2005
Posted: 21st Mar 2005 19:53
If the door is a segment and right klicking on it does not work use the R button to rotate the arrow and right klick it from the other side.

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