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Dark GDK / SDK and C++ forms

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Joined: 3rd Jul 2003
Posted: 20th Apr 2005 01:12
Hi All,

I'm thinking of creating an interface using C++ .NET forms, with a window that would show the resulting 3d (using the SDK).

The interface would include a textbox where the user could input a sentence.

The output 3D window would show a 3D face who would speak those words.

I plan on using several 3d files (maybe OBJ or 3DS format), each with a different phoneme and morphing from one phoneme to the next (depending on how the sentence was analyzed.

So, I have several SDK questions to see if I could do this:

1. Does the SDK come with an activeX control for the form in order to display its graphic output?

2. If not, how could I do it?

3. Does the SDK have commands that could morph one 3D object into another (all the faces will have the same polygon count but with different phoneme expressions)?

4. Can the SDK time this properly with the spoken word (Can the SDK distinguish frame rate)?

5. Does the SDK include a command where the sentence can be heard (said) or do I need to use the speech synthesis controls?

I know some of these answers may be obvious, but I'm new to the SDK and haven't done anything in Dark Basic in a number of years, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Posted: 20th Apr 2005 03:49
1 - No.
2 - Technically, you would just need to write a wrapper for the SDK, however the license agreement does not allow you to do this.
3 - Not yet, but it will in the next release.
4 - Don't know, but possibly.
5 - If you are planning to use the standard Speech API you would need to code this yourself - it isn't a part of the DarkSDK. Otherwise, you could pre-record the speech and play back using the standard sound functions.

Hopefully, you'll get something from all that

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Joined: 3rd Jul 2003
Posted: 20th Apr 2005 04:31

I DID get something from your reply... that what I wanted to do can't be done using the SDK.

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Posted: 20th Apr 2005 06:18 Edited at: 21st Apr 2005 03:10
Not using C++ (its DBPro) but funny:
The speaking head

Uncle Weevy a random talking head with a vocabulary of about 360 words.

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