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Dark GDK / your comments on DB SDK

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Joined: 24th Oct 2003
Posted: 23rd Apr 2005 20:32

I refer to "your comments on DB Pro" in the Dark Basic Professional discussion forum.
Also in my opinion DB pro is :
" extremly unstable and poorly structured"
thats why I switched to an other game engine after some months.
On the other hand I have alwayes appreciated the fast development(may be too fast)in line with the direct x development
When DB Pro SDK was released I was happy.
At last I can get rid of that ugly DB pro programming language,I thought.
My question is .
Can I rely also on a reasonable stability (taking into account 5.8 SDK version )?
I do not want to be unpolite, but really DBPro is frustating when comparing with other Game engines

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Posted: 23rd Apr 2005 21:27
DarkSDK has always been stable, and is looking even better now.

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Joined: 10th Oct 2002
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Posted: 23rd Apr 2005 21:32
I dont think dbp is nearly as bad as you're making out. I'm not a fan of basic syntax personally, but as a language its pretty sound. Especially with 5.8 etc.

As for darkSDK, whats there is stable. Its a brand new product, it hasnt had even one update yet (theres one going to appear any day now though!) so as such theres going to be some kinks to iron out. A couple of the functions dont work etc. This should all be fixed in the update.

The thing you should really look at before buying darkSDK though is the two licenses they offer, make sure the one you buy suits you. They can be a bit.. restricting in someways but should be okay for most people. Just be sure to actually read them

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