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Dark GDK / mouse drag to change an object?

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Joined: 3rd Jul 2003
Posted: 28th Apr 2005 00:39
Hi All,

I'm new to the SDK and haven't done anything in DBPro for a very long time, so I need some help.

I'd like to do what would seem to be a simple task, but I need to get the basics down before starting.

Is there a way to simply drag a created object with the mouse.

For example, after I create a sphere in a window, can I make changes to the coordinates/scale/rotation of the sphere by putting the mouse over it and dragging it with the left mouse button down (or other keys).

How would I do it?

Is it complex or simple?

Any help would be appreciated,
Years of Service
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Joined: 4th Jun 2004
Posted: 28th Apr 2005 12:05
Here is an example that will do what you want, I think. Ignore the commented out code. This is some of my reference code and it originally used a DARKMATTER object....


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