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The 20 Line Challenge / [DBP] MiPic-Updated!-This is isn't like all the other 'paint program' 20liners

Dr Crazy
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Joined: 13th Apr 2004
Posted: 4th May 2005 00:59 Edited at: 4th May 2005 01:05
Hey here's the update:

-Get's the WHOLE screen when you save your picture
-Now it's just Save Picture not save as .bmp
-Improved interface

My paint program actually has a interface - NOT a black screen, so don't flog it just because of the name . Please tell me what you think, good or bad

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dj blackdragon3710
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Joined: 5th Nov 2004
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Posted: 5th May 2005 08:42 Edited at: 5th May 2005 08:42
Nice, beter than some of them out there. But try to make an actual brush instead of lines if you decide to enhance, even if it is 20 lines.

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Joined: 5th Aug 2004
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Posted: 8th Jun 2005 11:32
good maybe more then a dot and line

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Joined: 18th Jun 2004
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Posted: 10th Jun 2005 05:43
m,aybe a box

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