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Dark GDK / UpdateAllSpritesSprites() called on dbGet/LoadImage()

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Joined: 9th May 2005
Posted: 10th May 2005 07:50
Under some conditions it appears that UpdateAllSpritesSprites() gets called when using dbGetImage() and dbLoadImage(). This causes me problems because UpdateAllSpritesSprites() resets the width and height of each sprite to be the width and height of its associated image. The problem is that I've resized some of my sprites in order to stretch the image and resetting the sprite's dimesions screws up my code.

Can someone tell me under what conditions UpdateAllSpritesSprites() is called? Is there some way to avoid the call? Is there a better way to set the dimensions of a sprite, e.g. by scaling, so that it won't be resized as a side-effect of an unrelated call?


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