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Dark GDK / trouble with dbSetCameraToImage()

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Posted: 20th May 2005 06:16
im having problems using the image from SetCameraToImage(). One of the things i wanted to use my pasteimagetoimage function for was to paste the render of the camera into one of the gui\\\\\\\'s textures so i could have a render of the active character in the equip screen.

Now im having an odd problem, if i DO NOT load any image (say, image number 30) and i just set dbSetCameraToImage() on number 30 so it generates it itself and then use my PasteImageToImage() function on it then I get an illegal operation on the line: dbGetPointer(Src)->GetSurfaceLevel(0, &SourceSurface);

now, if i make a bmp the dimensions i want the camera image, call it blank, load it as image 30 and then use the dbSetCameraToImage on that and paste it in i dont get the error but all i get is a red rectangle also. This is most vexing.

What can I do?

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