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Dark GDK / Visual Studio 2003 Problems Running Samples

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Joined: 20th May 2005
Posted: 20th May 2005 19:59
Hi All,

I am having problems getting the samples to run.

I am getting loads of different errors.


Access violations
Variables not defined
Unhandled exceptions

The best I have managed is the Animation showcase but just with white boxes (no video)

I have removed the 1.1 update as I believe this causes problems and I have also defined the libs and include folders.

All other Visual Studio Projects work including the DirectX 9 example ones.

Anyone have any ideas?


scooby bloke
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Joined: 4th Nov 2004
Posted: 20th May 2005 22:43
Are these the pre-compiled samples, or have you tried compiling them yourself?

Note that if compliling them yourself, then the programs may not be finding the required media (images, music etc). I've noticed that there is not much error detection in the samples and so if they do not find the required resources, they crash with a variety of errors.
OSX Using Happy Dude
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Joined: 21st Aug 2003
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Posted: 20th May 2005 22:53
Yes, it does sound like missing media. The other causes could be you dont have DX9.0c and/or the latest video drivers.

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Joined: 20th May 2005
Posted: 20th May 2005 23:19
Hi Guys,

Yeah the pre-compiled examples work it's when I try to compile them myself that they don't.

I does look like they can't find the media but should it not be set up to find it by default..?

I have tried changing the Work path form ..\bin\ and also tried moving the media directory around, changing the dbSetDir. but none of these things seem to work...

I am running out of Ideas.

As mentioned earlier I have the Direct X 9.0c sdk installed and all the direct X example code works fine..

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