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The 20 Line Challenge / [ANNOUNCEMENT] Important Rules for the 20 Line Challenge

Richard Davey
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Posted: 1st Oct 2002 04:00 Edited at: 23rd Feb 2004 18:13
Welcome to the 20 Line Challenge !

The purpose of this board is quite simple - to have fun and to show off We want to see the best possible program you can write in DB or DBPro in 20 lines of code or less. The rules are straight forward:

1) A line is defined as a line of text, terminated with a carriage return.
2) You can stack multiple commands per line up to a maximum of 25 commands per line.
3) External media is allowed but must be supplied for download or your post will be deleted.
4) External media cannot be larger than 200k in size UNCOMPRESSED.
5) State in the subject or body of the post if it's a DB or DBPro program (or both)
6) Lines with comments (remarks) on are not included in the 20 line maximum and are encouraged to help others understand your code
7) You are free to use blank lines to space out your code for readability, they are not included in the 20 line maximum. The second a line has a command on it it's included.

That's it!

We'll accept anything, from mini games to demos to graphical effects to musical packages - anything you like.

Post your code here, make sure you use the "code" button in the editor to wrap your code with the code tags or it'll probably look a right mess afterwards. Link to external media using the href button.

Comments for each of the submissions are welcome and encouraged.

All submissions are copyright their respective authors. By posting here you are granting us the rights to re-produce your code at our descretion without having to notify you.

Have fun people!



With our species on the edge of extermination,
with no prospect but a horrible death,
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