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3 Dimensional Chat / need help with animations.....again.

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2002
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Posted: 8th Feb 2003 19:37
Ok I got my guy animated in Milkshape and I exported him like this:

I had the operate on joint only thight switched off

then I animated it.

then I unclicked the animation button and exported it as Direct (JT).

I set it it Retained .x (or something like that) and uncheacked evrything exept brinary, set the animation speed to 1 and exported.

In Dark basic I played the guy and his limbs fly out of whack but he still playes his animation.

In 3d canvis he did this too and when I added bones he stopped

so If I export him as skin and bones, i cant find him no motter how much I scale for him and zoom around the map looking for him I CANT FIND HIM.

Whats going on here? plese help!!!
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