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Dark GDK / Help with C++ strings

Mr Snuggles
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Joined: 7th Dec 2004
Posted: 20th Jul 2005 16:05
Is there a function to convert a std::string into a stupid char* string for use with dgsdk functions?

ooo isn't that precious
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Posted: 20th Jul 2005 16:11 Edited at: 20th Jul 2005 16:13
const char* c_str() const;
For compatibility with "older" code, including some C++ library routines, it is sometimes necessary to convert a string object into a pointer to a null-terminated character array ("C-style string"). This function does the conversion. For example, you might open a file stream with a user-specified file name:

string filename;
cout << "Enter file name: ";
cin >> filename;
ofstream outfile (filename.c_str());
outfile << "Data" << endl;

You may need to cast the const part out, but that should be easy enough.

Its amazing what you can find when you do a search for "std::string"

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