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Dark GDK / Full Screen Mode?

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Joined: 28th Feb 2005
Location: Amherst New York, United States
Posted: 27th Jul 2005 06:00
How can I make my program run in full screen mode? I want the reso to be 800x600x32. Im trying dbSetDisplayMode(800,600,32); but that just makes the window 800x600, i want it to be like a normal game.

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Joined: 11th Sep 2002
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Posted: 27th Jul 2005 06:09
Use dbSetWindowOff()

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Joined: 19th Jan 2005
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Posted: 28th Jul 2005 00:14
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Posted: 28th Jul 2005 01:09
Only for new graphics cards though. Old ones should be fine.

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