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FPSC Classic Scripts / is this a bug????

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Joined: 29th May 2005
Posted: 7th Aug 2005 08:08
whenever i put a instructions text to an entity it only displays one image...for example i made two instructions text in two entities it only displays the first instructions....why is that??im using this code:

;Artificial Intelligence Script


desc = Instant On


:state=0:hudreset,hudx=50,hudy=50,hudimagefine=D:\Program Files\The Game Creators\FPS Creator\Files\entitybank\my tga\weaponpick.tga,hudname=text,hudhide=1,hudmake=display,state=1

;End of Script

it only displays the first tga image text that i made..even if i located the .tga that i want to display it still displays the first .tga that i load in my first entity
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Joined: 24th May 2005
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Posted: 7th Aug 2005 19:43
:state=0:hudreset,hudx=50,hudy=50,hudimagefine=entitybank\my tga\weaponpick.tga,hudname=text,hudhide=1,hudmake=display,state=1

if you have those entitys too close together, only one will show, you need to have them further apart, like 2 squares apart.

P.S. (you don't need the d:\progra.....) it will screw things up later if you don't use the format as above.

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2004
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Posted: 15th Aug 2005 19:43
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