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Dark GDK / Snake Eggs game for DG SDK

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Joined: 17th Feb 2005
Location: WA, USA
Posted: 9th Aug 2005 02:06
Dark Game SDK and C++ programmers,

I have just placed a DG SDK game, “Snake Eggs 2D,” on my website.

I have followed the comments back and forth about whether DB Pro or DG SDK would be the best to use for games. Having used both now, I would now say I prefer the Dark Game SDK, since I really also prefer C++ to BASIC. Using DBPro was great fun, but it’s possible to organize things so much better in C++.

I have provided the full source code for MS C++.NET 2003 for anyone who might be interested. I can’t claim to be the greatest programmer for C++, but the code does work, and that’s a good sign. One forum posting mentioned that it was difficult to find code listings for DG SDK programs to learn from. I found that to be true too. Perhaps my game will help out a little.

“Snake Eggs” is a trivial game using only 2D graphics (sprites). I haven’t felt ready to get into 3D stuff yet, though I’m looking forward to it someday.

Comments will be welcomed ,

Leo Christopherson
OSX Using Happy Dude
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Joined: 21st Aug 2003
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Posted: 9th Aug 2005 11:10
Interesting game - quite different...

DarkSDK is very useful for games, especially the vast speed improvement over DBPro.

AtomZ - its got an A. Its got a Z. Now its just needs U
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Joined: 13th Jul 2003
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Posted: 9th Aug 2005 13:36
Cool. More codez. Thanks. I got confused playing first time but I`ve found the readme so I`ll read that and have another go.

Gimme teh votez!!!!

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