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FPSC Classic Scripts / Multiplayer Info

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Joined: 10th Aug 2005
Posted: 10th Aug 2005 17:03
Hi all, new to the forums, just purchased FPSCreator

Just a few questions, if this post seems like unwanted or this information can be found somewhere else please delete, but I've searched and not found any answers to these questions:

1) Will multiplayer in v1 be able to setup different gametypes including TDM, CTF and/or DEM? If not, maybe we could open the multiplayer side of it as open-source so us developers could work on it, maybe only people part of the community?

2) Would it be possible to have the serverside/console-side application the online game will run on, fact is I run a massive gaming network worldwide, and if I did have to create a massive online multiplayer game, I would like to host them on my own dedicated network too.

3) In accordance to modules, would it be possible for you developers to create some kind of intergration into the engine so we could create our own 'mods'. Mods as in being able to modify the engine but not directly, only take certain variables and change them on the fly but not actually accessing the engine's code, thus enabling a massive expansion for keen coders.

4) As far as the multiplayer goes, It would be great if you could include features for 'us' to change or allow our user to change such as 'bitrate' the amount of bits sent/received per second to the server thus allowing dial-up AND broadband users to play our games smooth, rate = 10000 would allow 10000 bits per second from a broadband connection, and dialup users could have their rate set at 2500 for more optimized performance online.

5) Would it be possible to intergrate 'dynamic variables' into the engine? Such as the Quake III engine allows real-time on the fly changes to each users system, lots of cvars such as in the game console whilst playing you would put com_maxfps 300 which would then allow you to receive up to 300fps in game, and this is all real time.
If this cant be done directly, then maybe the mod idea maybe good allowing US to create the system where our end users could use these functions.

These are just a few questions/suggestions which would be great to discuss, as far as the scripting goes, I still have to tweak alot, but maybe this could be a great step for FPSC?

I look forward to hearing some comments!

MaddA ChieF
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Joined: 23rd Dec 2004
Location: Cen*Cal
Posted: 11th Aug 2005 02:08
1)No. Only Deathmatch. But you can have say four players. Have two be zombies and the other two be nazis or somthing. Then tell the players to not kill who is on your team. That sorta makes a TDM.



4)that would be a good feature


Most of MP will have updates in the future. If you havent seen video 1 on the site you should go wtch that now cus what you see in that vid is pretty much what MP will be like.

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Joined: 10th Aug 2005
Posted: 12th Aug 2005 17:28
I wondered this as well. I like team games and objective games. Could someone program this into? Team play is almost neccesary for a good game. No FPS has only DM....

What's the best thing you can say in this space?
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Joined: 22nd Oct 2004
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Posted: 13th Aug 2005 13:12

V1 MP is a simple deathmatch game for up to 8 players. You wont get more than that in V1- its out of the question with the timescale for release.

After that welll who knows - some of your suggestions I would think TGC would never consider, some may not be realistically possible at all with FPSC and some might recieve at least consideration.

Whatever the case Post V1 - its likely that you wont see V2 for a considerable time. So no time in the near future.

I should think Lee will need at least a years holiday first.

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Joined: 10th Aug 2005
Posted: 13th Aug 2005 21:35
Yer, I agree dude.

But if it DID come about, and it had everything/most of the above I mentioned and was sold @ £400 for the license, I would pay tbh.

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