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The 20 Line Challenge / Urban Invasion 2100

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Joined: 23rd Nov 2003
Posted: 16th Aug 2005 08:21 Edited at: 16th Aug 2005 08:29
The aliens are here!!

Have some fun and take the urban invasion challenge. The game is 20 lines long. I added some playing instructions above the code in rem statements to get you started (please read first before you play). I attached the project folder here - the folder is compressed in arr for faster download. So just download it and give the game a shot. Thanks

Project Folder Download Here:


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Freddy 007
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Joined: 30th Nov 2004
Location: Denmark
Posted: 26th Sep 2005 22:26
Pretty cool. But the music was driving me crazy!
It would be fun with some sliding collisions though. And if you hold down the spacebar, you can see the 'bullet' in front of you, but it doesn't fire.

Keep it up though!

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