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FPSC Classic Scripts / Don't kill innocent civilians!

Rik Vargard
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Joined: 21st Aug 2005
Location: Brussels
Posted: 25th Aug 2005 18:43
Well as you perhaps already know, scripting and me makes more than that...!

But I wondered if, by adapting an existing one (or making one ), I could make an entity you MAY NOT kill, or you loose...(means "game over" )
... something like:

<IF entity is killed(or HP get to 0 or something) THEN game over screen saying "you killed a civilian!!!" or something>

but in decent "Main AI" Script of course...?

Would be great...

-"My horse for a Kingdom!"
rabid rabbit
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Joined: 28th Aug 2005
Posted: 29th Aug 2005 02:07
I say that would be cool.

Watch out, this bunny bites...

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