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Joined: 28th Aug 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 28th Aug 2002 17:15
has anyone used dark basic for simulation-type applications? in your opinion, would this software be feasible?
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Joined: 28th Aug 2002
Location: Finland
Posted: 28th Aug 2002 17:43
I have (in DB#1 as I'm not the member of DBDN). I coded an airplane simulation and have seen some good space-simulators too. DBP is so powerful that the only limit you have, is your own imagination!

Code a car-school simulation for example. If you are lucky and made it professioanl-looking enough, put it into sale.. you may have some real customers then.

The evil plan is now even closer!
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Funky Frank
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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 28th Aug 2002 18:09
Certainly feasible, Zero is spot on.

I've done some work on a couple of simulation type packages* (in fact my current project is one) and the only limit really is your imagination.

If there is a limiting factor, quite often (in my case anyway) it is getting all the physics and so on correct, rather than any limits in the ability of DB.

Good luck anyway.

*Take a look at to see some of my previous work (a bit out of date now, but when that DBPro hits the doormat .....)
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Joined: 5th Sep 2002
Posted: 5th Sep 2002 11:18
Well, in its initial version, db did not have the necessary feature for a "good" flight simulation : i.e. it could not handle matrix calculations.

"professional" simulation use "state-space" techniques, wich require 4 matrices to be derived relating inputs to outputs (nothing to do with the 3D engine).

I don't know if you can do that with Db pro, maybe somebody can help.

I want indeed to write genuine space-simulations (nothing close to a shoot them up), featuring aerospace-planes, and I think I'll code that in C++ as DLLs, which I'll be calling from DBpro at a later date for graphic rendering. I'm an aerospace engineer, I don't know much about programming (that's where things go bad with C++), and I certainly don't want to waste time on coding a 3D-engine.

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