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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / Read before posting to this board

Richard Davey
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Posted: 6th Oct 2005 17:21 Edited at: 6th Oct 2005 17:22
Hi all,

Today (October 6th) I purged out loads of useless or really old threads from this board. So now I'd just like to tell you what IS allowed here:

1) DEMOS of games. If there's no download, don't post about your game yet. This is a showcase remember.

2) SCREEN SHOTS of games. And only post your best, well light-mapped, gorgeous screen shots please. Screen shots with "demo coming soon" is even better. Or screen shots with "demo available" are absolutely the best.

3) FULL GAMES (Single or Multiplayer). Enough said really.

4) FPM MAP FILES. If you've got a killer level then feel free to post the map for it here. Much smaller than EXE files and other people can then share and enjoy.

5) MODELS / TEXTURES / SOUNDS / MUSIC. If you've actually created some content you want to share with the rest of the community then feel free to post about it here.

6) MOVIES. These are cool, feel free to post them!

So what's not allowed?

Random "I'm making this game" threads. That's not for the showcase. It's for the chat board.

Stories. They're not showcase worthy, post them elsewhere.

"Check out my web site!" threads. Erm, so you've built a site? Great. That's still not a showcase of what FPS Creator can do UNLESS your site features any of the above allowed items (shots, demos, media, etc)

Team Requests. We don't allow these fullstop, but certainly not in this board. Try them in FPSC Chat if you must, but make sure they meet our guidelines.

"I've formed a new company!" - woohoo, good for you. We don't need to read about it in the Showcase though. Infact, for your own sake, it's best not to mention it at all.

From this point on I will delete anything that doesn't meet the above requirements. You won't get any notification of this, it'll just happen.



People don't quit playing because they grow old.
They grow old because they quit playing.

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