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FPSC Classic Scripts / AI allies

rOdeNt that is EduCatEd
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Joined: 30th Jun 2005
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Posted: 31st Oct 2005 20:23
i know ive asked about this before but i read through riker 9 posts and couldn't find anything on it (its either not there or my brain shut off. second is most likely)
i reall need an AI ally script for my upcoming game or ill have to change the whole enemy system

i found out the initials E R are on the English 20 opund note
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Joined: 18th Oct 2004
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Posted: 2nd Nov 2005 05:37
Sorry, but in V1 allies aren't supported. Riker 9 will include it (you can see in the orignal now locked post)

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Joined: 4th Nov 2005
Posted: 4th Nov 2005 23:08
Ai Allys are theoreticly possible you just need to make the entity enter "shoot" script when it sees "entity_name"

The shoot script would need to get the character to attack "entity_name" but for added effect you could also get it to attack and entity such as a window, explosive or the suchlikes as well as the enemy entity so when you approch that section of the story the ally could pop off the explosives and block off the enemy!!!

just an idea i just need a scripter to do it, i'm just learning about scripting and not that good. I would like to know if it can be done how i mentioned above because i quite like the idea of the ally shooting some explosive barrels to take out the enemy.

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