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FPSC Classic Scripts / Working turret script wanted

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Joined: 29th Jul 2005
Location: In a box
Posted: 5th Nov 2005 14:38
I have tried all of the turret scripts and none of them work. This is what I want it to do:

-When you walk up to it and press enter, it locks you on to the gun
-When you press enter again you get off of it
-When you are using the turret, you cannot move or change weapons
-You can only rotate a little bit when using it
-It has infinite ammo

And if someone makes one, tell me, would it go in the MAIN part of the weapon?

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Joined: 26th May 2005
Posted: 5th Nov 2005 23:40
What about a AI one?
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Joined: 8th Oct 2005
Location: Boston
Posted: 6th Nov 2005 00:18
ya i want a Ai one

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Joined: 24th May 2005
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Posted: 6th Nov 2005 18:10
You haven't tried mine, but enemies can't dammage enemys so it is pointless

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