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2D All the way! / 2d sprite collision in tetris game.

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Joined: 24th Feb 2003
Posted: 25th Feb 2003 04:40
Hello everyone,
This is the first time i'm asking for help on the forum. I haven't had the need to because I usually find an answer to my question in here already. Here's my question.
I'm creating a clone of tetris. I have the blocks coming down the playing area. Here's my problem. I'm not sure how to write the code that won't let the blocks go to far left, or to far right past the game area. I wanted to use the SPRITE X() command in conjunction with SPRITE COLLISION(), at least that's what I think I need to do. I've looked for examples, tutorials and forums but haven't found a solution yet. I would appreciate any help from anyone. Thank you.


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Joined: 1st Feb 2003
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Posted: 25th Feb 2003 23:12
If the left side is at 30 and the right side 250 use

if block1x < 30 then block1x = 30
if block1x > 250 then block1x = 250

put this before

rem Pasting of sprite game block
sprite (rx), 294 + block1x, 22 + block1y, (rx)

Also you proberly want to put the code below out of the game loop as it doesn't need to be done every loop.

rem Loading of the interface sprite
sprite 20, 0, 0, 8

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