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FPSC Classic Scripts / Path - Waypoint Loop

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Posted: 6th Nov 2005 23:21
Anyone know how to get an entity which follows a path - circular for eamaple, (though it matters not really what for the path takes) to do just that and follow a path - in one direction without reversing its walk path?

It seems to me that apparently a path in which its last waypoint overlays the first and joins back on its start point (as would circular path rather than a straight line path of two points say) - the path itself is not cotinuous and unbroken but that the end and start points do not merge to form a single contiuous path. This seems to impose upon an entity following it to have no choice other than to reverse itself once the end waypoint is reached.

I have tried but have found no way to overcome this - I have not seen any waypoint/path command that will change this and if one tries edit a path script to remove the reverse command or otherwise achieve a continuous forward movement of a path entity it wont do so.

Anyone got a fix or know how - can it be done?

Your comments or help would be appreciated.


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