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FPSC Classic Scripts / How do i change World background????

Bloodeath 6 6 6
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Joined: 5th Nov 2005
Location: Sierra vista in indonesia
Posted: 20th Nov 2005 03:02
I dont know how to word that to make it sound right but how can i (if i can, my apologys if this has been asked before)
But how can i make the sky look different like instead of the default make like a blue sky and when you fall off looking down (off any platforms) you see like an abiss... could use some serious help
-P.S. sorry if this is in the wrong forum...-

Dont hate
Jason Webb
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Joined: 2nd Nov 2005
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Posted: 20th Nov 2005 16:49 Edited at: 20th Nov 2005 16:49
Hi Bloodeath

Take a look at this thread

The thread is actually to do with changing the ambient light level but the setting for changing the skybox is in the same place and the steps for making your selected skybox show up in "test game" mode are the same (otherwise you'll only see the change when you "build game").

Best Regards


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