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3 Dimensional Chat / New JTEdit 3D Modeler Release (free)

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Joined: 7th Nov 2002
Posted: 27th Feb 2003 22:15
Hi all,

I've just put up a new incremental JTEdit release, my free 3D modeling program with .x file support. Get it at:

This release contains a lot of improvements in the area of camera management, lighting, and viewport configuration, as well as a number of bug fixes in other areas. I pretty much overhauled the camera so it should map real well to mouse movement. I changed all the default colors for the background and grid. (If you have installed JTEdit before, you'll need to delete the prior bin\JTEdit.cfg file to see the new defaults, because it still has the old settings.)

See the news page at the above site for full details. As usual, there are still bugs, but this one addresses much of the feedback I've been getting. I'm listening!

John Thompson

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