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FPSC Classic Scripts / What is everyone talking about( Allied AI?

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Joined: 30th Nov 2005
Posted: 30th Nov 2005 07:16
Ive read every forum about Allied AI..ONe of them states that they found an AI script capable of fighting on their side. but not doing any damage..Where can i obtain this script..if i cant ill have to make my own. :\'(

by the new to these forums

the best way to teach is by example...
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Joined: 25th Nov 2005
Location: Newhall, CA
Posted: 1st Dec 2005 03:42
I'm new to the forums as well, and I keep seeing all of this Ally script threads and such, but I can't find it on the forums... Even if they can't kill eachother, I still wanna try it out

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