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Cpt Caveman
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Joined: 29th Aug 2002
Location: New Zealand
Posted: 7th Oct 2002 13:07
Does DBPro support bones for manipulation or is it easy to make an object without bones and use the limb commands??
Shadow Robert
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 7th Oct 2002 14:31
Support is an odd word when you refer to DB/DBpro ...
they support anything you can think of - however if by support you mean are they built in features.
Not yet (can't really say they won't though)

Now something that alot of DBers have had a problem with in the past is understanding how Mesh Deformation and Skeletons work.

Most believe that the two are one and the same and that DB supports niether... However this is one the reasons memblocks were added!
With them you can edit a model within DB itself however you want ...

There are 3 types of animation,
Heirachy - Layer Limb Animation (bugged exportation for the DirectX format on most exporters)
Skeletal - Where a data based skeleton, often with behaviour properties is used to animate limbs or entire mesh
Mesh Deformation - Unlike the other 2, you can't really edit the animation of this one the fly because you could deform the mesh in such a way as it becomes unregonisable - and reposition vertex by hand is a tricky job

If there is time, as right now I'm kinda dead on my feet to anything else - i'll see about making a demo animator for DBpro to show howto make your own formats

New formats in DB(pro) are actively encouraged and will be supported (given the header/data setup) within gameSpace Standard Edition

Holy jumping mother of god NOOOO!!!...
Ahem I mean, I'll think about it

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